Every summer, the same question comes to mind about sun cream: which one do you need? 

Faced with the ever increasing range of options, we want one that is not sticky, smells nice, provides good protection from the sun while also moisturising the skin, and on top, it must be eco-friendly...

Our priority is to offer you a high-quality product that protects your skin from the sun's harmful rays. Check out our quality commitments and how our sun creams are designed, given the sometimes controversial nature of the product.




The Aptonia sun creams comply with many quality commitments:  - Our entire range is made in France, on a site that I had the opportunity to visit and that I invite you to discover a little further down in this article! - In accordance with regulations, they are tested and validated by an independent laboratory as well as an expert toxicologist. The protection index is validated in accordance with the current cosmetic standards, such that all the creams sold on the market pass the same test! - We have sought to make them hypoallergenic, paraben-free and suitable for sensitive skin types. The moisturising power of the formulas is systematically dermatologically tested and they contain no nano-particles. - On certain packs, the word “KIDS” tells you that the formula is particularly suited to the sensitive skin of children. - And in order to fulfil the demanding requirements of sports users, we chose to make them highly resistant to water and resistant to sweat so that they do not get diluted in water, sand and, more generally, "nature".  - Our formulas are paraben-free and suitable for vegans. Neither the formula, nor the ingredients have been tested on animals* * in accordance with the current regulations on cosmetics. - Finally, concerning the environmental commitment of our sun products, 100% of the Aptonia sun creams and sprays comply with the Hawaii law and do not affect corals and seaweed. To find out more about the Hawaii law and the seaweed and coral tests: 

Now you know all there is to know about the Aptonia sun protection products and you know why you can choose them with confidence for your adventures in the sun.