Here are a few simple and useful reminders to ensure you are properly protected.


When practising sport, it is important to protect yourself from the sun. Physical efforts increase body heat and the counterbalancing mechanisms are often insufficient. You need to block UV rays to avoid sunburn, skin ageing, heatstroke and even melanoma. To stay safe, follow our advice:

1/ The best source of protection are clothes, especially for children! They block rays and provide lasting protection! Some “Top UV” products are specially designed to protect the wearer from the sun!

2/ Avoid direct exposure between midday and 4 p.m., when the sun is at its most intense. Excessive exposure to the sun presents a serious health risk. Exposure to the sun should be gradual. You should stay in the shade indoors or under a parasol.

3/ Choose the right cream: water- and sweat-resistant, as well as a high factor, mean lasting protection during sport.

4/ Sunburn is dangerous, especially for children. Babies and young children must not be exposed directly to the sun and heat.

5/ A hat or cap acts as a shield against the sun's rays. You should also consider protecting the nape of your neck. Depending on your sport, and always for children, caps with neck protection are highly recommended. Because sometimes comfort should take priority over style!

6/ Keep hydrated: drink at least 1.5 litres a day, adding 1 litre for every ten degrees over 20°. You should also read our sports hydration tips.

7/ Protect your sight and that of your children with sunglasses. Remember that your eyes are sensitive and you risk developing cataracts. And don't forget you will be more comfortable when practising your sport. Choose the right type of glasses for your particular sport. Ask our sales assistants for advice!

8/ Use the right sun screen for your sport and the area of exposure. To choose the right SPF, follow our tips. In-store communication

9/ Healthcare bodies recommend that you reapply the product every two hours and every time you go for a swim, irrespective of the sun protection factor. Apply a thick and even coat. Make sure you cover all exposed areas and repeat as many times as necessary.

10/ Sand, snow and water can reflect over half of the sun's rays onto your skin. And rays are not necessarily only a risk if the sky is clear. You still need protection even when it is cloudy. At altitude and in the tropics, be careful and make sure the factor of your sun cream is suitable for your training venue.

Do you have any other advice to share about protecting yourself from the sun while doing sport?