Sport really puts our bodies to the test. Whatever your level, from occasional to intensive, aromatherapy can help you to prepare for exertion and recover properly. They can have an impact on your physical condition, but also on your energy and nervous system. Totally free from side effects*, and permitted in competition, essential oils are an athlete's greatest ally!


Essential oils are natural pharmacological solutions, highly effective for:

-        supporting muscular effort,

-        relaxing muscles,

-        preventing injury,

-        easing inflammation,

-        and softening your joints.

*Essential oils have a very powerful active ingredient. As a precaution, we recommend that you do not use the product undiluted and apply it with a vegetable oil or moisturising cream to prevent burns to the skin. You only need three drops. Avoid getting it in your eyes and do not give to children, pregnant women, or the elderly and infirm.


●      Rosemary camphor

Rosemary camphor eases cramps, by dissolving lactic acid and uric acid crystals. Rosemary camphor has a neuromuscular action, prevents aches and pains and also acts as a muscle relaxant.

●      Gaultheria

Gaultheria is mainly composed of methyl salicylate, which stimulates blood circulation. You can easily recognise it by its smell! The blood supply to the massaged area will improve immediately and will be warmed from the inside. Gaultheria essential oil has remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, ideal in the event of tendinitis, tennis elbow, aches or muscle cramps. This is the perfect essential oil for athletes.



●         Super lavandin

Helps to relax muscles to prepare the body gently for exertion. As an added bonus, it can help relieve stress after a competition! After effort, it helps to soothe pain thanks to its sedative and analgesic properties.

●         Tarragon

Tarragon essential oil is also used to tackle hiccups! A drop on a piece of bread or sugar cube will instantly relax the diaphragm and solar plexus. It helps prevent cramp and pain.

●          Tropical basil

Tropical basil works on the neuromuscular level and provides particular support for technical performance and precise movement. The targeted muscle is relaxed and in optimal condition for effort. It helps prevent cramp through its relaxant and antispasmodic properties.



●      Peppermint

Its cooling effect makes for a powerful local anaesthetic. Over short efforts, peppermint placed under the tongue is essential. Don't forget to breathe in its fragrance before and during: its general, invigorating properties help get the whole body moving (circulation, digestion, breathing and nervous system). Breathing helps clear your head and sharpens your focus and vigilance.

For endurance athletes, it can also reduce your sensation of thirst. When used for a chest massage, it can open your lungs and help you get your second wind, and of course this works during effort. Peppermint is therefore perfect to wake up and soothe your muscles.

Precautions: peppermint essential oil is so refreshing and cooling that if you use too much, it can lead to hypothermia. So, be careful only to apply in small doses! Similarly, do not breathe in too much peppermint; in excessive quantities, it can destroy your neurotransmitters. Finally, when applying to the temples to ease a headache or to the forehead or sinuses when suffering from sinusitis, we recommend that you consult a professional before using the product.

     Bay laurel

This oil will help you overcome your mental limits! It will give you self-belief before a competition. Bay laurel helps to realign your emotions and remove any psychological obstacles, simply through its fragrance.



●   Arnica

An essential component of any first aid kit, arnica prevents injury and helps to soothe any haematoma or micro-muscle tears. Fast-acting and effective, it helps to repair and heal inflamed tissue. Arnica limits muscle contractions before exertion. It accelerates muscle recover and prevents aches and pains after exertion.



●   Vegetable oils for a relaxing massage

These vegetable oils can be used for a long massage, preparation or recovery. They are recommended for muscle relaxation. This category includes:

●      Sweet almond oil (for long massages)

●      Apricot oil (lighter texture than sweet almond oil)

●      Jojoba oil

●      Hypericum oil - pay attention to photosensitivity!

●   Vegetable oils to boost anti-inflammatory effects

●      Calophyllum oil

●      Jojoba oil

●      Hypericum oil - pay attention to photosensitivity


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