QUIZ: Sun protection

Are you doing the right thing? Check with these 10 statements!


1. Sun cream is enough to protect my skin from UVA and UVB rays

TRUE: in a sufficient quantity, suitable for your skin type and activities, and if applied regularly.


·                protect yourself by wearing suitable clothing, a hat and sunglasses,

·                avoid times of peak sunlight (which vary depending on your location),

·                expose yourself to the sun gradually.

2. When under a parasol, I will be protected from UV rays

TRUE and FALSE: Your parasol will only stop part of UV radiation. On the beach or in the mountains, there may be a great deal of reflection off the sand or snow. So even when in the shade under a parasol, don't forget the sun cream!

3. I will still get a tan if I use sun cream

TRUE: Using a suitable sun protection product and acting reasonably in the sunshine will not stop you from getting a tan; it will help you tan gradually and protect your skin from the risks of UV rays.

4. A tanned skin means better protection

TRUE: but sunlight is never risk-free. UVA rays can penetrate the skin deeply. Apply the right sun cream for your skin type, stay in the shade and keep hydrated.

5. I am more exposed on the beach that in the mountains

FALSE: Exposure in the mountains can fall into the extreme category, especially at high altitudes. In addition, the snow in winter can act as a mirror and reflect the sun's rays. Beach or mountains, the risks are the same!

6. I am protected from the sun's rays as long as I am in the water

FALSE: Water will not protect you from solar radiation. Water is highly reflective, which causes even greater exposure to UV rays for your face and the parts of your body above the surface. You should use highly water-resistant sun cream and wear a UV top.

7. Keeping my skin hydrated will help me maintain my tan for longer

TRUE: Exposure to the sun may dehydrate the skin and dry it out. Keeping the skin hydrated, e.g. by applying after-sun lotion, will help you keep a uniform tan for longer.

8. I can prepare my skin with UV rays

FALSE! Tanning beds mainly give off UVA rays, which are responsible for premature ageing and skin cancer. According to Health Canada, the radiation exposure from a tanning bed is two to five times greater than that from the sun itself.

9. A 'sport' sun cream is a marketing trick

TRUE and FALSE: In order to do everything it promises, a sport sun cream must be described specifically as "water resistant" + "sweat resistant". The formulation is more resistant to sweat. It will not run during exertion. It won't sting the eyes. It will also be available in a range of packaging for easy application in any circumstances.