The brand

Aptonia is the triathlon brand in the DECATHLON group.

Originally the designated brand for sports nutrition and care, it evolved in 2018 by working with triathletes and high-level endurance sportsmen and women to develop its products.

Now Aptonia offers a range of triathlon equipment and accessories for beginner and advanced triathletes.

Working alongside triathletes, Aptonia has strengthened its range of nutrition, hydration and recovery products designed for all endurance sportsmen and women.

Thanks to our range of advice and simple, effective, attractive and accessible products, anyone who has ever dreamed of competing in a triathlon now has no excuse! Swimming, cycling, running and having a great time over short distances, or longer ones, has never been easier!

Our team

We are a team of 30 triathlon and endurance sports enthusiasts, and we all practise these sports, at either beginner or advanced level. We always listen to our users - we analyse the needs of our athletes to design innovative products adapted to their needs, enabling them to get the best out of their sport.

We love swimming, cycling and running together to test the products and improve them to best suit athletes' needs. Through our products, we aim to make triathlons accessible to as many people as possible and to help high-level athletes improve their performances.