First equipment of sports player is their body.Our ambition is to create the reflex for sportspeople to take care of it by developing innovative products that are accessible for all.


Bidon Double Use Aptonia - Winner Innovation 2015


Switch from water to power drink, in one click

With Double Use System, you can switch between water and energetic sports drinks with only one movement and as many times as you want. It's finished the time where you need energy but only have water or need cooling down when you only have energy drink.

Aptonia Double Use IAD 2015
  • Switch from water to power drink with natural movement 
  • Concentration : 3 levels
  • Pod system : no more powder outside of the bottle
  • Only clean water in the bottle
  • ON / OFF system to avoid leak
  • Double Use System price : 7€99 – in Décathlon store in spring 2016
  •  Bottle capacity : 600ml 
  • 1 pod is for 600ml of water when concentration is on level 3
  • Pods are sold by 6 for 4€69 
  • You can keep an un-finished pod  like regular syrup
  • pods are available with different flavours for ISO and ISO+
  • to clean the system, you just have to rinse with tepid water
  • pods are packed to avoid  microbiological risk, and bacteria can not grow in clean water
  • pod will be refillable and suitable with water bladder.