Swim, cycle or run... Do you sometimes lack the motivation for triathlon training? Here are some of our tips for getting motivated!


Training is like making a dentist appointment, you know it's for your own good, there is nothing natural about it, but it just needs to be done.

We all know about New Year's resolutions. Those that survive the 1st January hangover usually only last a couple of weeks and don't even make it to spring! But what about the resolutions that make it all the way to the summer!? The answer is simple: they have one ingredient that the others lack, and that ingredient is motivation!!! This article won't give you the secret to easy, never-ending motivation. It will, however, give you some tips and home-made remedies to help it grow and strengthen.


In triathlon, you have to find the motivation to train not just for one sport, but for three completely different sports. You'll need to do some self-reflection to find out what you are looking for in triathlon, and what you want to achieve. Do you want to play to win or just to discover new sensations? Do you want to give it your all in a sprint format or challenge yourself in a Long Distance? Your answers to these questions will give you an idea of the task you have in front of you and the amount of time you'll have to spend on it. Furthermore, it'll allow you to target the races that match your aspirations. 

Well done! You've just built a schedule for your season! Here is the first magic ingredient of motivation: projection! Knowing where you want to go gives you a target to reach. You now have a direction and a goal! 






It's all very well asking yourself those nice existential questions about what kind of athlete you want to be, but now it's time to translate your words into action! Action is the second ingredient in motivation's magic recipe! Once you have your eye on an event, sign up without delay! This has two benefits: it strengthens your motivation—once you've spent £60€ (or £550€ for bigger races) on registration, your motivation will grow automatically! The second benefit is that registration is cheaper if done sufficiently in advance! Once you're on the list of participants, you've done the difficult part, now all you have to do is cross the finish line!


Organisation is the next key ingredient for building motivation. Being organised means there can be no excuse not to train. It involves a myriad of details which, when combined, save time and increase motivation. For an early morning session for example, you can prepare the equipment required for your session the evening before, so all you have to do when you get up is hop into your clothes and start your run or cycle. You can also prepare your lunch the day before so you can easily fit your afternoon session into your lunch break. Here are some more of our triathlon organisation tips:


When your time is limited and your professional or family life does not allow you to devote 10 to 15 hours a week to training, there are solutions to optimise your preparation so you can get down to essentials while continuing to fuel your motivation! These solutions may entail a cost, but if you don't want to take out credit to prepare for your triathlon, you can get some equipment on loan. For example, you could borrow or invest in a home trainer, allowing you to train for the bike leg in a more effective and less time-consuming way than going for a cycle. Being able to exercise your legs from the comfort of your own home would also eliminate any excuses relating to bad weather or cold. 

If you're lucky enough to own a pool, you can carry out your swim sessions there and work on your technique using pool resistance bands. Finally, gear up with technical clothing this season to make training easier and, once again, eliminate any weather-related excuses.




home trainer


So what's the difference between planning and motivation? Organisation increases your chance of success in your daily sessions. Planning helps you project yourself and anticipate your training sessions to better prepare. When it comes to triathlon training, planning obviously involves the fundamental training plan that is so important to your enjoyment on race day. There are as many training plans as there are triathlon formats, and many different ways of obtaining them! You can find one on the web, at your triathlon club if you're a member, in specialist magazines, or on the Decathlon Coach app. You shouldn't look at your training plan as a constraint indispensable for the success of your triathlon, but rather as a way of fueling the motivation that will get you to the finish line. 

After you have devised your ideal training plan, you still have to follow it to reap the benefits. Once again, there are tips to help you put your plan into practise and prevent another flash-in-the-pan New Year's resolution. Make an exception to the all-digital rule and print your training plan so it becomes even more concrete. Stick it on your fridge or bathroom mirror to make sure it haunts your daily life even more. Next, add a touch of modernity by setting reminders on your phone, so that your training sessions are never far from your mind!



This last point is not an essential element in the complex recipe that is motivation, but gravitating around the world of triathlon and the people who compose it may strengthen your motivation. Sign up to the triathlon club nearest to where you live. It's the best place to get good advice and tips. Nourish yourself with others' stories and importantly, you now have a coach!!! He or she can support you in your approach and maintain the motivation that made you sign up for membership in the first place. 

Finally, your motivation will be given a boost simply by training as a group during joint sessions! We have now come full circle, the recipe that helped you turn your desire into motivation will now take you where you want to go; all you have to do is decide what you want to do with it.

As you can see, getting motivated is no mean feat. You'll be forced to make concessions and adapt your routine, but the well-being you'll get in return is well worth the effort, which taken as a whole is not insurmountable. You'll get a feeling of pride, strengthen your body and mind, and most importantly, pleasure is key to your race! So, get motivated!!!





I've been a fan of triathlon for 5 years, doing long distance, L and XL triathlons. I'm a member of the AMSLF Triathlon Club in Fréjus. A few of my moments of glory: Ironman 70.3 Aix en Provence, Polar international triathlon in Cannes, Embrunman… As a seasoned cyclist and less-than-mediocre swimmer, what I love about triathlon is pushing myself to my limits and beyond!