What could be better than a good massage for recovering after your training session? However, to optimise this recovery technique, you will need to use a massage oil or relaxing gel. Discover our tips for choosing the right products for post-exercise massage.



It's important to prepare your muscles for exercise, and so to optimise your warm-up, you could use the neutral Gel Tonic, or the Gel Warm with its warming effect. When used as part of a massage, these gels can help soothe and tone the muscles you will put to the test during your training session or competition


     ->  Why do sports massages help you to recover?

After intense exercise or stress, simply resting is not enough to recover. Massage has numerous effects on the skin, muscles, tendons, circulation, the nervous system and your mind.

Massages are more pleasant when done with oils, balm, cream or a gel, as these allow the hands to glide over the skin. When you choose a massage product that is specially designed for athletes, you will optimise your recovery.


     ->  How to choose the right massage cream or oil

To make your massage as effective as possible, the cream, balm, massage oil or relaxing gel will nourish your skin and help it breathe. You will find a range of products offering different benefits, scents or textures, but some active ingredients are particularly useful for aiding athletes to recover. Ideally, you should choose a product that contains arnica. Renowned for its soothing, hydrating, revitalising and softening properties, this plant is a useful tool in sports recovery. In our products, you will also find essential oils with known benefits for athletes. Finally, choose the texture you prefer: cream, balm, oil or gel - it's up to you!

- For a long and practical massage: use the RECUP massage cream. Its innovative texture combines the convenience of a cream with the benefits of an oil. Its cream format is handy and less messy than oil. The cream turns into oil when it is used so you can have a long massage.

- For a long massage: opt for the RECUP massage oil. It contains arnica, and wintergreen, peppermint and pine essential oils.

- For a long and warming massage: opt for the RECUP massage balm. It contains arnica, and wintergreen, rosemary, eucalyptus and cajeput essential oils. It provides a pleasant warming and relaxing effect.

- For a long massage with a cooling effect: choose the RELAX massage gel. It provides an instant cooling effect when you apply it, and reduces the feeling of heavy legs and fatigue. 



As a sports enthusiast, I practised gymnastics, volleyball and fitness before discovering triathlon! I love a challenge, and since last year, I've been doing some great Sprint distances before taking on an Olympic race!

Over the last two years, I have headed the recovery project, the aim of which is to allow athletes to enjoy training session after training session, to progress in their sport, and to carry on practising for many years without getting injured.