G-Easy Energy Gel

Simply more practical

G-Easy, the leading gel that you do not have to open,
that does not leak and that you can use several times!

  • Open and close
    with the mouth

    Easy to use:
    The gel that you don't even have to open just suck the bite valve.

  • No need for pockets and
    no more sticky fingers

    The gel stays in its container so that you only consume what you need.

  • No need to consume
    it all in one go

    The container of the G-Easy is twice the size of a conventional gel it can be consumed little by little as you need it.

G-Easy product manager

Our initial objective was to create a nutrition product for outings lasting 3 hours, so that the user only has to take one user-friendly product with them.
Drawing inspiration from the hydration packs that use bite valves, we had the idea of creating a gel with the same system. So we conducted tests on different types of container to find a bite valve that would be suited to the viscosity of the gels until we settled on the development of the ideal product with the supplier.

Testers reviews

  • When you start using it, the gel doesn't leak inside your pocket – it can be used several times and the comfortable bite valve is very user-friendly and can be used to reduce the absorption rate.

    Mathias, cyclist

  • In my opinion, this is the ideal solution because you don't need to use your hands and there is no packaging that can split in two with the risk of losing some on the way.

    Guillaume, trail runner

  • I didn't consume gels before because I didn't like the texture and the fact that you had to take them in one go. Ever since I tested the G-Easy Energy Gel, I consume them regularly during my cycling outings. I like the bite valve system that allows you to take a tiny amount each time. What's more, the gel is easy to absorb and you can take it when you want.

    Jean-Marie, cyclist

How to consume the G-Easy Energy Gel?

The G-EASY energy gel can be consumed little by little, as and when you need it, to give you the quick-release energy continuously, thereby delaying the onset of fatigue on long-distance outings. Absorbing some gel every 15 minutes makes it easier to digest.

  • 0 min

  • 45 min

  • 1h

  • 1h15min

  • 1h30min

= 64g

Reusing the bite valve

The bite valve sold with the pack of two G-EASY ENERGY gels can be easily cleaned with hot water for use at a later time.

The bite valve is compatible with

A pack of 2 G-EASY ENERGY GELS is sold with a bite valve that can be reused over time

We also provide a pack of 2 bite valves sold separately to prepare your containers in advance so that you have enough Energy Gel for your long outings

4 unique flavours