Feet Warmers x 30

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Key feature
Say goodbye to cold feet. For all activities in cold weather, this heat pad provides warmth for 5h.


Iron powder, water, vermiculite, activated charcoal, salt.
Designed to :
for keeping your FEET WARM during your winter sports activities.
2 years


Storage Tips
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Not to be used for children under 3 years of age.

Additional information

Never glue the warmer directly to the skin. Careful and supervised use for children, the elderly or disabled. Consult a physician before use in case of diabetes, fragile or sensitive skin, circulatory problems, paralysis or damaged nerves, arthritis, rheumatoid, in the pregnant women or in case of doubts. External use only. Do not use on a frostbitten or desensitized skin. Do not use while sleeping.
The heating process activates upon contact with the air: 1. Remove the heater from the package and shake it 5-6 times to activate the heating process. 2. To ensure an optimal heating temperature, leave the process to activate in the open air for 10 mins before beginning outdoor activities, ideally for an ambient environment of approximately 20°C. 3. Once you can feel the heat, place the warmer in a confined space (on clothing)
Glue the pad to the outside of the sock, only at the toes (the most sensitive to the weather conditions). It is possible to glue it _ above: slightly cooler but greater accuracy during sports activities (skiing for example), _ or below the toes, to maximise warming of toes. We recommend gluing them above to maintain all proprioception sensations when completing sports activities.

Products benefits

Warms feet in cold weather for 5 hours.
Ease of use
Ready to use, activated when comes into contact with air. Adhesive body warmer.
Fast acting
Excellent efficiency = open sachet/shake 5x/wait 10 min.
Long-lasting effect
Diffusion of a soft heat for at least 5 hours.

Users reviews

4.07 / 5 109 ratings
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  • Man
    50-59 years old
    09 January 2017
    Use since 1 week or less
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    Warm feet, Cold day

    My feet get vey cold during rides, and I have tried many things. I thought I would give these a try and to my suprise they have kept my feet from being so painfully cold. I frist tried them when there was ice the ground in early January and with out these I knew I feet would have been painful. On a ride of 116 Km on a foggy and rainy day in early January my feet stayed warm for most of the 6+ hours journey, when I started feeling my feet getting cold I realised the five hours was up. These warmers are not to intrusive in the shoe but you must follow the instructions on how to use to get the best out of them. I will be useing these for all my cold and cool rides in future. These are a great idear.

  • Woman
    29 January 2017
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    alles perfekt

    schnelle Lieferung, alles bestens

  • Man
    40-49 years old
    16 February 2017
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    aptonia Calientapiés x 30

    Usado en caza, par llegar al puesto ningún problema, estando en el puesto sin problemas, tras horas de uso el reyeno se granula y al volver a andar con ellos causa dolor y no es posible su uso. No los recomiendo para andar. Solo para un uso estático.
    No han cumplido las espectativas que buscaba en el producto para lo que los quería.

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