Faster recovery with the Aptonia compression sock!

Compression helps you recover and reduce muscle fatigue after exercise. Thanks to Aptonia compression socks, you'll recover without a second thought!


1/ When should you wear compression socks?

For best results, compression socks should be put on as soon as possible after your exercise session and worn for at least 1.5 to 2 hours. You can wear them for a full day if you've been exercising intensively.

They can also be worn during air travel.


2/ How does compression help recovery?

Patrick Bacquaert, Chief Doctor at the IRBMS (French research institute for medicine and fitness for well-being) explains:


“To provide the oxygen your muscles need to function, your heart starts beating faster, pumping more blood through your veins and arteries. Your arteries "feed" your muscles with this oxygenated blood, and your veins take waste blood away, back to the heart and then to the lungs.

When you exercise, either standing or sitting down, the weight of the blood dilates your veins, especially when you are exercising intensively. There can be over a metre between your feet and your heart, which puts pressure on the veins despite their system of anatomical valves. The valves' job is to send up venous blood containing waste products and carbon dioxide. Veins can therefore dilate naturally or pathologically by forming oedemas (swollen legs) or varicose veins.

Elastic compression socks or stockings provide extra compression and a pumping effect to relieve heavy legs and any existing varicose veins, and prevent any new varicose veins forming.”

4) How do you look after them?

Compression socks can be machine washed at 30°C.

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