Dehydrated MOUNTAIN FOOD hiking meal lentils and ham 130 g

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Key feature
543 kcal energy in 130 g (dehydrated weight). Final rehydrated weight: 410 g.


Rehydrated wt
410 g
Dry wt
130 g
18 x 18 x 5 cm
Total weight
158 grams with bag
Ingredients: Lentils 43.2%, dehydrated potato flakes, lyophilised ham 9.3% (pig ham, salt, glucose syrup, sodium lactate, sodium nitrite, flavours, dextrose, stabilisers (E451, E452), antioxidant (E316)), vegetable fat (sunflower oil, glucose syrup, milk proteins), semi-skim milk (soya lecithin), onion, carrot, chicken stock (salt, wheat glucose syrup*, sugar, flavours (eggs), chicken fat, yeast extract, onion, chicken meat 1%, garlic, spices, antioxidant (E392)), parsley. *Contains gluten Manufactured at a plant using: Soya, wheat, eggs, fish, celery, mustard, sulphites.
Approved by
Our dehydrated Aptonia meal is approved by our nutritionist and our panel of testers.
All Aptonia products are tested at each stage of their development by our technical partners and by consumers in order to best meet their needs.
Designed to :
For the hiker wishing a high energy input with minimum weight.


Storage Tips
Store in a clean and dry place.

Additional information

Energy: 100 g | 130 g
418kcal - 1766kJ | 543kcal - 2295kJ
Fat content: 100 g | 130 g
9.2 g | 11.9 g
of which saturated fats: 100 g | 130 g
1.7 g | 2.2 g
Carbohydrates: 100 g | 130 g
61.0 g | 79.3 g
of which sugars: 100 g | 130 g
9.8 g | 12.7 g
Proteins: 100 g | 130 g
22.9 g | 29.7 g
Salt: 100 g | 130 g
2.0 g | 2.6 g
Directions for use
Fill with simmering water up to level 6 (280 ml), mix with a fork or spoon, then close the zip. Wait 5 minutes before opening and consuming. It is possible to tear the bag at mid height to use it as a bowl. This dish can also be prepared with cold water (20° C), close the bag and wait at least 30 min before consuming.
Made in France
Size and weight
Rehydrated wt: 410 g Dry weight: 130 g Dimensions: 18x 18 x 5 cm Total weight: 158 grams with bag

Products benefits

Ease of use
Fast and easy preparation (5 min) thanks to the water graduation inside.
Energy values
543 Kcal for 130 g dehydrated and 410 g rehydrated.
Easy transport
Reclosable bag. Size 18 x 18 x 5 cm. Total weight 158 g.