It is not easy to combine personal, life, professional life and training when you practise triathlon. This article is a bit like the "toolbox", with all the hints and tips to make the most of your time I can share from my experience.

In my planning for the Ironman® triathlon, I've planned to train every day, which isn't always easy with my demanding job. But here are a few things I do that allow me to train seven days of the week:

1/ Make a note of your sessions in your personal or work diary

I personally have a Google calendar where I can see my professional deadlines, personal appointments AND my training sessions (I note down the type of session and its length). That way, I won't forget, and my whole schedule is available at a glance!


2/ Buying home fitness equipment

This is definitely the best investment I've made recently. My exercise bike lets my do cycling sessions at home whatever the weather. Living in Paris, kilometres of cycling outside during the winter isn't always the best of fun. What's more, the exercise bike sessions are often shorter than a normal bike ride. They're between 45 minutes and 1:30 depending on what you're working on. And they let you stay at home with your family. However, you need to be careful: the exercise bike shouldn't completely replace your outdoor cycling sessions.

3/ Early morning training

You need to be motivated to get up at 6 or 7 am, but that said, it's a great time to go on a quick run or do a session on your exercise bike! Have a light, quick breakfast (#gatosport) and you're ready to go. Once you get going, you'll see how great it feels. What's more, it'll set you up for the rest of the day. However, I wouldn't recommend doing really intensive sessions early in the morning (such as short MAS sessions).

4/ Do a session during your lunch break!

Don't fancy getting up early in morning? Do a session during your lunch break! (if your boss and the length of your break allow it). In 45 minutes, you can do a really good running session. For example: your lunch break lasts 1:30 - 5 minutes to get changed, 45-minute session, 10-minute shower, 30-minute meal and Bob's your uncle! Why not get your colleagues on board? You'll be surprised by the number of people who fancy a run or a swim if you suggest it.


5/ Finding out the good slot for swimming training

The challenge of swimming training: with the restricted public opening hours, and the overcrowded lanes, it's often hard to find the motivation to go swimming. Unfortunately, there's no magical solution: look up your local pools on the Internet, and note down their opening hours. Here's a tip: swimming pool opening hours are usually much longer during school holidays. This is a good time to do a focussed swimming week for example. Otherwise, you could always sign up to a club. As previously mentioned, it's a great idea, because club training sessions take place outside public opening hours, in the presence of a coach.

6/ Family sporting sessions

THE answer to combining sport with family life. Go to the swimming pool together, and while your family is having fun, you'll can get a quick training session in.

Need to go on a run? Why not ask your other half or children to follow you on their bike(s)? It's fun for everyone, it makes your long outings less monotonous, and you could also try doing some speed sessions with them.

7/ Combine cycling and running sessions

As well as practising doing both disciplines one after the other, you can also save time because you only need to shower once after two sessions. And when every minute counts in your day, this isn't such a bad thing ;-)

8/ Listen to your body

Finally, I've saved the most important tip until last: listen to your body. Last week, I was supposed to do an MAS running session after work. I had been up practically the whole night, I wasn't well and it was taking it in turns to snow and rain. I made the sensible decision to go home and rest instead. Yes, I could have done the session, but at what price? An injury? Aggravating my illness? Instead, that evening of rest let me get back to training the very next day, in better shape.

Listening to my body has allowed me to train hard over the last few months without injuring myself once. So, learn to take it easy sometimes so that you can come back better and stronger next time.

So, this is the advice I can give you on the best way to organise your time. Don't forget, it's just my own personal experience. Don't hesitate to chat about it with the people around you, and most importantly, find a plan that suits you. There are as many ways to get organised as there are triathletes. The most important thing about triathlons is to ENJOY your training and competitions!




I have been doing triathlons for 15 years. Triathlon is more than a mere sport; it is a way of life. I have been lucky enough to try every triathlon distance, from super sprint to long-distance.

I am a better runner than swimmer, but took part in the French 2nd Division championships, before taking on a 1st Division duathlon with my first club (TRIMOVAL).

More duathlon adventures await in the 2nd Division with my current club, Champigny But the most amazing thing for me will be achieving my dream: an Ironman: I am signed up for the Vichy Ironman, on 26 August.



You have set your objective, your first triathlon is taking place in just a few weeks. Now you need to train! But how should you manage your preparation for three sports? How do you organise yourself? Follow our advice!
So, you have decided to have a go at your first triathlon, well done! At this stage, you probably have 1000 questions starting with the following one: how should I prepare before the race?Training, equipment, race format, etc.
You have signed up for the race and you know that you will be at the start line of your first triathlon in just a few months or a few weeks. Do you feel the stress mounting? You don't want to mess up your first experience of the three-part event? Follow our advice!
Choosing your first triathlon is like choosing what route you should take to go on holiday… if you make a mistake, what promises to be great day can turn into a disaster!