Triathlon guide

Find all of the advice you need on nutrition, hydration and care for triathletes.

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If training is key to triathlon or ironman events, following a nutritional program in parallel, ensures your experience is a success. Adopting a real diet strategy prevents premature feeling of tiredness. Let's focus on recommendation you should put into practise before doing a triathlon.


Giving yourself the time to recover from your triathlon, allows your body to regain its balance. The recovery phase is vital for several reasons because it allows you to:
- progressively build-up performance,
- doing a series of training sessions
- helps to prevent injuries.
5 point recovery plan:


Triathlon is a sport that combines three activities: swimming, cycling and running.There is no recovery break between the different events, they all take place one after the other with the shortest possible transition times. The body is put under serious strain and nutrition plays an important role in helping you achieve your original goal.