Triathlon equipment

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It's your first triathlon and you want to enjoy it, so choose your playing field wisely! Discover our top 10 triathlons for beginners
Would you be able to spot a triathlete among other athletes just by looking at them? Here are a few tips... you'll soon find out that triathletes are hard to miss!
Whether you are about to throw yourself into the triple challenge or are an expert of the discipline, the choice of equipment is one of your biggest dilemmas you will have to face. Just like the tri suit, the neoprene wetsuit is an essential element of the triathlete's wardrobe.
The big day has come and you are on the starting blocks - it's time for your first triathlon! Do you have the right equipment? Here are some tips so you can rest easy on race day.
Many people will be confronted with this important question when they start triathlon: Should I buy a road bike or a triathlon bike? In my opinion, the answer to this is very easy: If you are in any doubt, opt for a road bike! I will now explain why the answer to this is so clear-cut.
So, you have decided to take on the challenge of completing your first triathlon, well done! Now you have to find the right equipment to make you comfortable during all three disciplines. This is where the tri suit comes in. But what is a tri suit? What is it for exactly? Follow the guide.