Triathlon : 5 point recovery plan

Giving yourself the time to recover from your triathlon, allows your body to regain its balance. The recovery phase is vital for several reasons because it allows you to:
  • progressively build-up performance,
  • doing a series of training sessions
  • helps to prevent injuries.
5 point recovery plan:

1 – Compensate fluid and mineral losses

As you come to the end of your exertions, drink water to compensate inevitable dehydration due to exertion. Don't wait until you are thirsty, this feeling is a bad indicator. Preferably drink mineral water because it is high in minerals.

2 Take in carbohydrates as soon as you stop

Quickly ingesting carbohydrates is necessary as soon as you complete your exertions in order to restore energy reserves.

After drink provides the required level of carbohydrates for a good level of recovery

3 Don't forget proteins

Proteins enable better muscle recovery. It is recommended to consume them straight after your efforts. Preferably opt for whey protein or lactoserum, quickly absorbed protein rich in BCAA. It provides all the essential amino acids.

After drink provides the required level of proteins for good level of recovery.

4 Fight against build-up of acidity during exertion.

Physical exercise acidifies body. The objective therefore is to lower this acidity as soon as possible by providing alkaline foods.

As soon as you finish, you should preferably drink water high in bicarbonate (alkaline water) as well as eat alkaline foods. Fruits and vegetables are generally alkalising, with dried apricots the best.

5 Eat food as soon as you finish

When you stop exertion, the body goes into a phase called the "metabolic window". It's a period that lasts approximately 2 hours where the body can easily store all the nutrients provided.

This is the ideal period for taking carbohydrates and proteins. 

Marie Fauchille
Dietician | Nutritionist
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    Les protéines

    Proteins are considered as the "bricks" of the body. They form the basis of all living cells. Protein is an essential nutrient for life.


    The recovery stage is crucial for progress and physical performance. Indeed, if your recovery is poor, the body cannot regenerate.