Have you signed up for your first triathlon but not sure how to get started training? We've got a great 8-week training plan for super sprint triathlons.

1/ Objective

The goal of this training programme is to help you complete your first triathlon in the best conditions possible.

You're going to get used to doing three sports on a regular basis and build up your endurance to be ready on race day. You'll be physically ready so your race is fun!

2/ How to follow your training plan

In each sport, your training is structured as follows: warm-up, workout and recovery.

For each exercise, you have to follow a certain pace, given as a zone. To go one step further and measure your effort, you can align these zones with your maximum heart rate (max HR):

                                                                          Z1: slow -              60% max HR

                                                                          Z2: medium -        70% max HR

                                                                          Z3: fast -               80% max HR

                                                                          Z4: hard -              90% max HR

                                                                          Z5: maximum -      100% max HR

3/ Tips from the coach

To start, make sure you're properly kitted out to do all three sports in the best possible conditions:

- Swimming: comfortable goggles, a swimsuit and swim cap (a must at the pool)!

- Cycling: a bike in good condition - for example check the brakes if your bike hasn't left the garage for a while. Don't forget your helmet! Sunglasses are also handy to keep your eyes safe from stones or insects, while gloves will give you a better grip on the handlebars and protect your hands in the event of a fall.

- Running: good shoes designed for the surface you will be running on (road or trail, or road-to-trail if you'll be running on both).

Remember to slather on the sunscreen, even when it's cloudy out.

Follow the training plan and stay within the training zones and hydrate before, during and after your workout!

Last but not least, don't skimp on the recovery between workouts - it is an essential part of any training programme to get better and feel good at every workout.

Enjoy your workout!




I have been a triathlete since 1999. After 20 years of training and over 10 Ironman events under my belt, along with so many triathlons across every distance, I still train with the same passion and enthusiasm as on day one.

Having developed 10 years' experience in planning and advice, I now create training plans to help athletes reach their goals and achieve their dreams, from preparing for their first triathlon right up to completing their first Ironman®.


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