Aquathlon that combines swimming, usually in a pool, and running over different distances ranging from a 500 m swim and 2.5 km run to a 4 km swim and a 20 km run.

Duathlon that combines a run, a cycle and another run over several formats ranging from the XS format with a 2.5 km run, 10 km cycle and 1.25 km run to the XL format with a 20 km run, 180 km cycle and 20 km run.

Cross duathlon that follows the same principle as the duathlon except that a mountain bike is used instead of a road bike and the events are organised on off-road paths.

Cross triathlon that is similar to the triathlon with a swim in white water, a mountain bike ride and a trail running type run on off-road paths.

Winter triathlon that combines a run, mountain bike ride and cross-country skiing.

Aquabike that starts with a swim in open water followed by a cycle on roads over a medium and long distance.

Swimrun that is a recent discipline, which emerged in Sweden, involving a series of alternating swimming and running legs in the countryside.


It is also worth mentioning the bike and run that is often practised by triathletes to maintain their fitness during the winter. This involves an itinerary that has to be covered by a team of two people with a single bike. The two partners swap the bike when they want – it is fun and entertaining and involves practising a sport as part of a team.


Depending on the organisers, there are several distances that are defined in terms of the racing time:

The S distance takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes of racing

The M distance takes between 1 hour 15 minutes and 2 hours of racing

The L distance takes more than 2 hours of racing


If you want to add some variety, there are plenty of options to choose from. So why not give it a go, right now?


Source: FFTRI - 2016 figures


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Passionnée de sport, j’ai longtemps pratiqué la danse avant de découvrir le triathlon qui est devenu une vraie addiction dès ma première course ! Adepte des distances Sprint et Olympique, j’aime la variété qu’offre ce sport tant au niveau de sa pratique que de l’environnement dans lequel il me fait évoluer. Le triathlon c’est toujours de beaux défis en perspective avec beaucoup de plaisir à la clé !


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