Sodium (Na) and sports


Sodium is important for endurance athletes, but intakes are too often higher than the needs, particularly in persons who eat ready meals and many industrial foods.

Where to find sodium?

Sodium is mainly found in table salt, salted ready products, deli products, cheeses and seafood products.

Sodium and sports

Sodium provides an essential benefit for endurance performance. During workout, the fluid and electrolyte balance can be affected due to water and sodium losses through sweat. Sweating can be substantial when you exercise in warm conditions, and the sodium loss is then increased.

Sodium intake helps compensate exercise-related losses. Moreover, hydration requires the combined intake of water and sodium (as sodium helps "retain" water). Finally, adding sodium in sports drinks promote the absorption of water and carbohydrates.

Needs in sodium

The recommended nutritional intakes of sodium are to not exceed 2.4g/day. Sodium is a mineral that is too abundant in our diet and can promote the development of many diseases (hypertension, heart diseases, etc.). A sufficient, but not excessive, daily intake of sodium should be ensured in our modern lifestyles. 


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