Recovering from a cycle route tour

A cycle route tour involves many hours of effort, the body becomes tired and dehydrated. Taking the time to recover is therefore essential to enable the body to re-find its balance.
4 point easy recovery plan:

1 – Hydration

Drink water at the end of the tour to tackle dehydration subsequent to hours of effort. Preferably drink mineral water because it is high in minerals.

2 – Provide energy

Eat carbohydrates in order to replace energy reserves. Ideally a recovery drink provides the quantity of carbohydrates needed for good recovery.

3 – Eat protein

Proteins help with muscle recovery. It is a good idea to eat protein after exercise. For rapid absorption, preference must be given to whey protein. Additionally, it provides all the essential amino acids, the BCAA amino acids recommended for good recovery.

The recovery drinks provide the necessary amount of protein.

4 – Conclusion: eat food as soon as you finish

When the body stops exerting effort, it goes into a phase called the "metabolic window". It's a period that lasts approximately 2 hours where the body can easily store all the nutrients provided.

This is the ideal period for taking in carbohydrates and proteins.

The recovery drinks are ideal as they contain all the elements required during this period. It can be replaced by an isotonic drink along with a recovery bar.

Marie Fauchille
Dietician | Nutritionist
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    The recovery stage is crucial for progress and physical performance. Indeed, if your recovery is poor, the body cannot regenerate.