Protein bars and amino acids


Protein powders and weight gainers are not the only dietary supplements acting as a source of protein. Protein bars and amino acids are also available in-store. What is their purpose? Are they supposed to replace protein powders or do you take them as an additional supplement?

Why use protein bars or amino acids?

  • Protein bars are practical, being easier to pop in your bag than a protein powder shaker. You don't have to prepare them so you can have one anywhere any time.

  • Amino acids  in tablet form are useful for specific dietary supplementation. They can also act as an extra source of protein.

When to use protein bars

You don't have time to sort your shaker! you can't prepare your shaker? Bars are an ideal replacement for your protein-fortified milk shake. They're easy to take along wherever you go.

You are trying to gain weight ! Bars contain protein and carbohydrates, the nutrients you need for this. You can replace a mass gainer shaker with a bar to vary the pleasure.

You need to recover after exercising! A protein bar washed down with water or an isotonic drink are just what you need right now. You need to eat it straight after exercising for optimum assimilation.

When to use amino acids

Amino acids are to be used to supplement your protein intake more specifically. Take them during the day with or instead of a protein shaker, making sure not to exceed your recommended 


Marie Fauchille
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