Nutrition & Hydratation

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Ultra-trails require extreme physiological, physical and mental capacities. Your nutritional strategy will play a deciding role in your success, and there are several aspects to take into account.
In sport (and especially endurance sports), digestive problems often occur. Here are some recommendations for optimising your digestive system.
When it is too hot outside, you are taking part in sport or your temperature increases owing to a virus or illness, the body protects you against hypothermia by sweating excessively. Why ? What can you do to avoid dehydration ?
Eating before and during your triathlon is all well and good, but managing your recover is even better. Too often neglected, the recovery phase nevertheless plays a crucial role in progress and physical performance.
Any physical effort involves energy expenditure that must be counterbalanced. Energy gels are composed of nutrients and micro-nutrients to satisfy the needs generated by effort. The goal is to delay the exhaustion of energy reserves and thus delay fatigue during effort.
Depending on their level and fitness, triathletes can take up to 45 minutes for a sprint distance, up to 4 hours for Olympic distance and up to 17 hours for an Ironman. Each stage requires specific preparation in terms of nutrition.
Hydration tablets are designed to prepare a sports drink without calories that provides the body with the electrolytes it needs to replace the minerals lost through perspiration.
Whether you are cutting or losing weight, the objective is the same i.e. it is a period for burning off body fat, i.e. fatBut how can you lose body fat without losing muscle?