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Find it hard to consume standard energy gels during physical activities? It's high time you try out the liquid energy gel called Hydrogel +!
The recovery phase is vital to improving your fitness and performance. In fact, if you don't sufficiently recover, your body can't regenerate properly.
Triathlon is a sport that combines three activities: swimming, cycling and running.There is no recovery break between the different events, they all take place one after the other with the shortest possible transition times.
The G-Easy Energy Gel the first gel that you don't have to open, that does not leak and that can be used several times! Follow the guide to find out how to use your G-Easy Energy Gel.
Exercise drink, energy drink or even an isotonic drink… there are many terms used to describe the drinks used for sports. Differences, uses, compositions, etc. The drinks will hold no secrets for you.
Iron is a mineral that helps the blood transport oxygen, an important point for athletes.
All physical exercise burns off energy that must be replaced. Energy bars, as well as energy gels, cater for this need. Their composition is usually designed to meet the body's needs before, during or after exercise.
More and more of us are making the most of our lunch breaks to do some sport. Do not miss out lunch altogether because you do not have enough time. An explanation is given on how this should be done in good conditions without experiencing a drop in energy levels during the afternoon.
Spirulina is a very popular food supplement with sportsmen and women for its many virtues, but what exactly does this microalgae contain? We explain all!