Mountain sports guide

Find all of the advice you need on nutrition, hydration and care for mountain sports (hiking, trekking, etc.).

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Hiking is an outdoor activity combining adventure and physical exercise. The duration of the hike, hot conditions, or even cold or altitude, require lots of energy from the body. The longer the hike, the more you need to carry in your backpack. Remember that meals, snacks and above all hydration are keys to a successful hike.


Hiking is both a leisure and discovery activity and a form of physical exercise. The length of your walk and the cold or intense heat will require a great deal of energy. Dry mountain air may accelerate dehydration. Keeping hydrated when hiking is essential to derive the maximum benefit from your efforts and to enjoy the landscapes and get away from it all.


The mountain, the snow, the sun, the event of the year for skiers, snowboarders, hikers and so on ... Did you know that a day on the slopes represents a significant energy expenditure? To be on top of your game, here are some of my top tips on how to manage your energy and that of your children. Get ready to run for the slopes...