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Whether you are preparing for or recovering from exercise, massaging is an important step for taking care of your body. Check out our selection of guides here on massages.

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Perspiration is a normal phenomenon enabling the body to maintain our body temperature at 37 °. We perspire, on average, half to one litre of water per day when not participating in sports


When you do sports, your muscles work by contraction, making demands on the energy systems in order to support the intensity and duration of exertion, but it results in a reduction of your energy reserves and a possible accumulation of wastes.


Electrical muscle stimulation or EMS provides muscle workout without fatigue.This system does not involve the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and keeps stress in the tendons to a minimum.


Electrostimulation devices include a current generator. The type, quality and number of programmes offered and the displays are elements to consider before the purchase, because there are tolerability differences between generators.


Doing sports or any physical activity requires cardiocirculatory adaptations to meet the energy supply needs essential to proper muscle function. In order to provide the oxygen needed for the muscle cells to function, the heart increases its cardiac output by raising the volume of blood circulating through the veins and arteries. The arteries filled with oxygenated blood bring oxygen-rich arterial blood to the muscles to feed them and the veins in blue bring waste-filled blood back to the heart, then to the lungs.


In order to prevent muscle soreness, recovery massages are performed on professional athletes, as part of a global post-workout care also including cold packs, rehydration and restoration of energy reserves


Sport is good for your health, and the objective is to avoid injuries and microtraumas and to recover as quickly as possible to enjoy the benefits of sport and maintain one's fitness and wellness
Post-workout muscle soreness can be avoided or lessened so that it becomes tolerable and is not an obstacle either to everyday life or to going back to the stadium as soon as possible

massage récupération sportive

What could be better than a good massage to recover after strenuous exercise? But you must remember to use the right oil or a relaxing gel for this recovery technique to produce the maximum effect. Discover our guide on how to choose the right products for your post-exercise massages.


It is essential to take good care of your body before, during and after sport! Your body is your perfect ally when it comes to sport, so you must pay close attention to it and take the very best care of it, so that sport becomes nothing but pleasure!


Too often we forget it, but rest is one of the keys to training and future performance. There are many different techniques for recovering well after exercise. You can use athletic recovery accessories to optimise each of these techniques. Follow the instructions!