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The leading cause of sport discontinuation, muscle traumas are common and vary in severity, from light pain requiring short sport discontinuation to acute, sudden muscle strain that may lead to several weeks of sport discontinuation


It is not uncommon when cycling to be involved in a group collision or fall off your bike yourself. The consequences of a "fall" when you land on shoulders or the thorax, often results in a collar bone fracture.


Collar bone sprain is a frequent traumatic injury of the shoulder following a forwards or side shock to the shoulder.
The sprain causes a sharp pain with visible swelling over the collar bone
Depending on the intensity of the shock and the severity of the sprain, lesion stages are defined


The knee has two menisci: the inner meniscus and the outer meniscus.
Menisci are a fibrocartilaginous structure that have several functions in the knee:
• a cushioning role and load spreading role
• a stabilising role
• a lubricating role, managing the absorption and secretion of synovial fluid (articular fluid) in the knee.
• A protective role against arthritis


Most common tendinitises in athletes
• Shoulder: Rotator cuff tendinitis (set of shoulder tendons allowing arm elevation and abduction or rotations)
• Elbow: the tennis-elbow or epicondylitis tendinitis (back of the arm)
• Pelvis and pubis: adductor tendinitis or athletic pubalgia
• Hips: hip tendinitis
• Knee: patellar tendinitis or iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS)
• Foot: Achilles tendinitis


A tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendon with no break, caused by overexertion, repetitive gestures, or inappropriate technique, for example after changing bikes


Achilles tendon rupture may affect people of any age, during any type of sport. It mostly occurs during activities requiring a propulsion that creates sudden and fatal tension of the tendon.


Achilles tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendon including all pains in the Achilles tendon. It commonly affects all athletes, but most particularly runners and joggers, usually resulting from a too high training volume and aggravated by micro-traumas due to shoe-ground interface.


Extensively used in certain sports (running, walking, activities requiring impulsions,...), the arch of the foot can sometimes suffer lesions.


Ever exercised to the point of pain? Ever twisted an ankle? Ever fallen on your knees? …
Welcome to the club! We've all suffered at some point. Usually ice or heat is applied to the injured area to relieve pain. That's where the thermokit can help.