Good hydration is a key factor of performance. Check out our selection of guides here to help you choose the most appropriate hydration.

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Hydration tablets are designed to prepare a sports drink that contains no calorie but provides the body with all necessary electrolytes to compensate for the minerals lost due to perspiration.

Les boissons énergétiques

Following the article focussed on sports drinks, let's now take a look at the different characteristics of energy drinks, their place in the sports world, and the legislation that applies to them.


Do you know about isotonic drinks? When you're exercising, it's essential to take in fluids in order to maintain your performance level. But after an hour of exercise, water is not enough! Your muscles need an energy boost from an intake of carbohydrates and sodium, to compensate for sweating. These two essential elements are exactly what isotonic drinks supply the body with during sporting activity!


Your body needs water. For happy and healthy body, you need to compensate for water loss. Before, after and especially during physical exertion, dehydration is any athlete's worst enemy, affecting both the body and sporting performance. That's why staying properly hydrated is essential for all of us. This is why the Aptonia blog is going to publish its first report on the benefits and signs of good hydration for athletes. Firstly, here are 6 tips for staying efficiently hydrated before, during and after exercise.


Water accounts for 60% of the weight of a human being. It is the main component of our body. Therefore, dehydration can have a serious effect on the body, because water intervenes in a many of the chemical reactions that make our body function properly. All forms of physical activity produce heat that must be eliminated. This is the reason why we perspire, a phenomenon that incurs the risk of dehydration.