How to prepare my first triathlon

11 advice
Are you familiar with the triathlon? When was this sport created? What is the profile of those who practise the triathlon? How did it develop?
If you are a triathlon enthusiast, you will certainly appreciate practising other sequences of disciplines such as the duathlon, cross triathlon or even the swimrun. In this article check out all the sports derived from the triathlon managed by the International Triathlon Federation.
Still relatively unknown a few years ago, the triathlon is a discipline that is becoming increasingly popular because of the new challenge that it offers as well as the variety of the training. Check out the following data on the number of people who practise triathlon and their profile.
Everyone has heard about the triathlon, but what exactly is it? What happens in this sport and under what conditions is it practised? All will be explained!
The Ironman® triathlon is the dream iconic event over the showpiece distance that will get you up every morning at 6 am. Many are the readers who go to bed at night with the legendary phrase "You are an Ironman" in their ears or who pedal for many hours on their roller looking at videos of Hawaii on Youtube.
Triathlon is often viewed as a sport that involves a superhuman effort in completing three long-distance sports disciplines in immediate succession to each other, but did you know that there are many different race formats? There are even short distance events that can transform your first triathlon into an enjoyable experience?
Doing triathlon has a range of benefits! The succession of swimming, cycling and running keeps you in shape while never getting bored, and lets you enjoy the great outdoors and reap the benefits of three complementary sports.
Choosing your first triathlon is like choosing what route you should take to go on holiday… if you make a mistake, what promises to be great day can turn into a disaster!
You have signed up for the race and you know that you will be at the start line of your first triathlon in just a few months or a few weeks. Do you feel the stress mounting? You don't want to mess up your first experience of the three-part event? Follow our advice!
So, you have decided to have a go at your first triathlon, well done! At this stage, you probably have 1000 questions starting with the following one: how should I prepare before the race?Training, equipment, race format, etc.