How to get your good energy back after the holidays?


Holidays are over!Summer is often the perfect time to go about your daily routine at a different pace, to be worry-free and leave stress behind to enjoy every moment. It is also a time when we eat more than usual as we are more inclined to get together and have a drink and a bite before dinner while enjoying the sun!

Sooner or later comes the moment when you quickly need to get back on track and find the right rhythm at the end of Summer in order to be ready and full of energy to face Autumn and Winter.

1 - Eliminating the toxins accumulated over the Summer holidays

Nothing is better than a detox diet to get your body back on track at the end of Summer.

This diet is for purifying the body rather than weight loss. The principle is based on the elimination of accumulated wastes and toxins by avoiding foods that create waste such as: fatty and spicy foods, alcohol and energy drinks.

It is best to choose dishes including:

  • vegetables, cooked or in a soup, they are easily digestible and low in calories. Artichoke, celery, watercress and fennel bulbs all have draining properties.
  • Fruits are easy to digest and are useful for fighting fatigue due to their high vitamin C content
  • Water helps to drain the body.
  • Herbal and detox teas: some are plant based with draining properties such as green tea, blackcurrant and meadowsweet.

2 - Finding and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet

Get your diet back on track. Adopt a balanced diet in order to stay healthy and in good shape!

  • starches (pasta, rice, semolina, etc.) included in every meal to provide energy,
  • meat, fish or eggs, once or twice a day to provide protein,
  • vegetables, included in every meal to provide vitamins, fibre and water,
  • two to three portions of fruit a day to provide vitamins, fibre and water,
  • two to three dairy products a day to provide protein and calcium,
  • a limited quantity of fatty foods to provide fatty acids and vitamins,
  • a limited quantity of sugary products for your own enjoyment,
  • as much water as you want.

3 - Exercise!

Make sure to exercise at least 30 minutes per day in order to burn energy and maintain your muscles.

Doing so regularly is important when exercising! Therefore, you should exercise as often as possible, ideally every day if you can. Don't forget walking is a workout in itself, which you can complete with fitness workouts during the week or at the weekend.

Marie Fauchille
Dietician | Nutritionist
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Our bodies need energy to function and move. They have their own energy reserve, but it is limited. The diet has a significant role in covering for the needs. The foods consumed provide energy through their nutrients.


The sun begins to show, the trees get their lovely green back - this is it, spring is finally back. Our mind starts to picture the holiday, sandy beaches, etc. It is the right time to lose this little plumpness gained through winter. And what about opting for a long-term efficient diet?