How to choose your thumb brace


The thumb is the first finger of the hand. It is the thickest and shortest. It consists of two phalanges articulated at the interphalangeal joint. Its joint is opposable to those of the other fingers, giving it an essential role in handling an object like a volleyball, handball or rugby ball, for example. Heavily used in these types of sports, it's important you look after your thumb

What is a thumb brace?

A thumb brace is a piece of equipment which aims to support your thumb joint during sports. As the thumb is attached to the wrist, this sports support reduces the movement of these two joints to minimise the risk of injury. The thumb support should be comfortable and breathable to wick away perspiration during your sports activity.

Before making your choice, we recommend you also consult a doctor.

The flexible thumb support

Providing a supporting role, the thumb brace holds your joint in position to reduce the risk of injury. Injuries to the thumb can be muscular (inner part of the thumb) or joint-related (outer part of the thumb). In both cases, its rigid frame limits movement of the thumb and the adjustable strip means you can adjust the support provided to your wrist.

For this type of support, we recommend the Aptonia S500 thumb support.

How to choose the size of your thumb support

Thumb supports come in one size and are adjustable: adjust the tightness to your wrist in line with your individual need for support.


This information is provided for general information purposes only and in no case replaces a medical consultation. For increased safety, seek your doctor’s advice before use. 

Philippe Bouviala
Product manager
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