How to choose your thigh brace


The thigh is the part of the lower limb at the top of the leg, between the hip and the knee. It contains a central bone, called the femur, and a dozen muscles. When doing sport, a range of muscle strains can affect the thigh, which is why you need to take care of it.

What is a thigh brace?

A thigh brace is a piece of equipment designed to support your thigh. As well as the level of compression it applies to your muscles, a good thigh brace should be comfortable: we recommend you choose the type which are made of an inner cotton weave such as the Aptonia thigh brace.

Before making your choice, we recommend you also consult a doctor.

The preventive (or proprioceptive) thigh brace

Playing a preventive role, the proprioceptive thigh brace is designed to exert a homogeneous compression on the whole thigh. This compression helps stimulate your thigh, making your brain more alert to its condition. It has an ideal therapeutic effect when resuming an activity, to relieve a trauma and during recuperation in your sport. What's more, the rip-tab adjustment allows it to adapt to your support requirements.

For this type of support, we recommend the Aptonia S200 thigh brace.

How to choose the right size thigh brace

The thigh brace comes in one size only and is adjustable: adjust the tightness around your thigh in line with your need for support.


This information is provided for general information purposes only and in no case replaces a medical consultation. For increased safety, seek your doctor’s advice before use.

Philippe Bouviala
Product manager
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