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How to choose your shower gel


A good shower is essential after exercising! Tonic shower gel, relaxing shower gel, shower gel to reduce the smell of chlorine: what are the differences? We reveal all!

Relaxing and tonic shower gels

The difference between these two shower gels lies in the fragrance. Relaxing shower gels have a rather comforting smell, like the Aptonia Relax shower gel, with its ylang-ylang fragrance, which is well known for its calming properties. Tonic shower gels, on the other hand, tend to have a more stimulating fragrance, like the Aptonia Tonic shower gel, with its citrus fruit fragrance.

Shower gels to reduce the smell of chlorine

These gels usually contain an active ingredient to limit odours, like the Aptonia Water Sport shower gel. It allows unpleasant odours such as chlorine to be neutralised and interact with sense receptors in the nose to reduce the perception of unpleasant odours.Ideal for anyone who visits the swimming pool.

A tip to save time: 2-in-1 shower gels

Because you are often in a hurry after exercising, and you don't want to carry too many bottles in your bag, 2-in-1 shower gels for the body and hair are a handy and efficient solution. All the shower gels in the Aptonia range are 2-in-1, shower gel and shampoo.

Stéphanie Mouragues
Product manager
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