How to choose your shoulder brace


The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, containing several ligaments, tendons and muscles that connect the trunk of the human body to the arm. This joint is heavily used every day, and during sports practice, the shoulder can suffer numerous injuries with common risks: bone, muscle or tendon pain. To reduce these risks, it's important you look after your joint.

What is a shoulder brace?

Consisting of a sleeve to slip on as far as the shoulder and adjust with a tightening strap, the shoulder brace is a piece of protective sports equipment which aims to support and stabilise your shoulder. As well as its compression role, a good shoulder brace should be comfortable.

Before making your choice, we recommend you also consult a doctor.

The flexible shoulder brace

The flexible shoulder brace acts to support your joint. It provides compression to your shoulder and allows optimal adjustment of the support provided thanks to its elastic tightening bandage which constricts the shoulder to keep it in position. The joint is thus supported more effectively so you can practise your sport and the shoulder brace offers plenty of freedom of movement..

For this type of support, we recommend the Aptonia S200 shoulder brace.

How to choose the right size shoulder brace

The shoulder brace comes in a single size and is adjustable: tighten the arm and chest adjusters to suit your size.


This information is provided for general information purposes only and in no case replaces a medical consultation. For increased safety, seek your doctor’s advice before use.

Philippe Bouviala
Product manager
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