How to choose your products for sports recovery massages


What could be better than a good massage to recover after strenuous exercise? But you must remember to use the right oil or a relaxing gel for this recovery technique to produce the maximum effect. Discover our guide on how to choose the right products for your post-exercise massages.

How do massages help us to recover after exercise?

After intensive effort or stress, simply resting is not enough to recover. Massages have several effects on the skin, muscles, tendons, circulation, the nervous system and the psyche.

Massages are made more pleasant by using oils, creams or gels so that the hands slide more smoothly on the skin. Choosing the right massage product for sportsmen and women will optimise the recovery process.

How to choose your massage oil

Creams, massage oils or relaxing gels will increase the effect of your massages by nourishing the skin and allowing it to breathe. There are several products with differing qualities, fragrances and textures. Certain active ingredients are designed especially to facilitate recovery after exercising. Ideally, select a product containing arnica. This plant, which is well known for its soothing, hydrating, revitalising and softening virtues, is your perfect ally when it comes to recovering after sport. And the choice of the texture depends on your own preferences: cream, oil or gel? It's up to you.

For a longer massage, and consequently improved recovery, we recommend the Aptonia massage oil or the new and innovative Recovery from Aptonia, a cream that is transformed into an oil containing arnica extract. Its warming effect also prevents the appearance of muscular tension.

For sports people who want their legs to feel less heavy, the ideal choice is a cream with a fresh effect that makes the legs feel lighter and produces a sensation of well-being after a good sports recovery massage, such as the Aptonia Relax gel with arnica extract.

Philippe Bouviala
Product manager
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