How to choose your products to prepare for sport


Using heat to prepare the body

Applying warmth to your body before taking part in a sports activity allows you to gradually prepare for a more intensive workout. When actively warming up, the temperature of your body rises. This increase raises muscle extensibility and reduces tension.

When warming up, you can do some stretching exercises and use a local warming application too, such as the Aptonia Warm gel. This gel produces a feeling of warmth when it is applied and helps you to warm up properly before exercising.

Prepare for exercise with massages

Massages are a real aid to preparing an athlete's body by caring for the muscles prior to intense physical exercise.   Massages warm up the muscles deep down, they help the body temperature to rise and allow muscles to be more receptive and reactive to the effort that is to come.

You can use two types of products for your warming up massages:

-    tonic gels, such as the Aptonia Tonic Gel, which relieve the muscles before exercising. These gels are designed for activities indoors or in warm weather.

-      warming gels, such as Aptonia Warm, which help you warm up properly before exercising. Warming gels are ideal when exercising outdoors and in cold weather.

Massages also produce beneficial mental effects. They help to combat stress, ease tension and help you relax and thus approach the competition more calmly!

Preventing chafing

You may occasionally or regularly be faced with the problem of chafing when doing your preferred sport. These irritations, both skin-against-skin (armpits, crotch) or skin-against-material (feet, nipples, lower back), can be controlled by using cream that limits chafing, such as the Aptonia cream. This cream, which works well when applied to nipples, armpits, the crotch and feet, limits overheating and irritations due to chafing. It also prevents blisters and produces a pleasantly fresh effect.

Stéphanie Mouragues
Product manager
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