How to choose your moisturising lotion


Why must I hydrate my skin?

Your skin is in constant contact with the outside world. Its surface layer is the skin's first line of defence. If the skin is weakened, the cutaneous barrier is broken and the skin becomes more vulnerable to potentially harmful external factors. By hydrating your skin, you reinforce this surface layer.

Moreover, sportsmen's and women's skin is often reactive due to perspiration, humidity and chafing in zones subject to irritations, such as folds in the skin (the crotch and armpits, for example). Their skin can be damaged and become dry, which is the reason why they need to apply a moisturising lotion to their entire body to nourish the skin and prevent irritations.Ideally, apply the lotion within 10 minutes of showering, so that the water remains in the upper layers of the skin.

How to choose your moisturising lotion

To protect your epidermis and for immediate relief, choose a restoring moisturiser lotion that nourishes the skin and leaves a protective film. The film left by the moisturiser covers the surface layer of the skin, producing a soothing effect and protecting the skin from external factors. Opt for moisturising lotions that nourish the skin and effectively repair the upper layers of the epidermis.

And if you are in a hurry, opt for a cream that penetrates the skin quickly, like the Aptonia face and body lotion and the Aptonia hand cream.

Stéphanie Mouragues
Product manager
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