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How to choose your lip balm


Why should you hydrate your lips?

You take good care of the skin on your face and body all year round, but some people forget to keep their lips moisturised, whatever the weather. Your lips need as much attention in the summer as in the winter, because they come under attack by the sun, the cold and changes in temperature. But unlike the skin on the rest of your body, the skin on your lips does not have the upper layer of the epidermis. It is five times thinner and finer than the skin on your face. It demands very special care and close attention. Don't wait until your lips are cracked before moisturising them. On the contrary, hydrate your lips every day, so that they remain soft and supple.

Restoring and moisturising lip balm

For lip balms to act like genuine restoring balms, they must contain synthetic or plant-based wax to remain firm, lipid butters or oils to protect, repair and soften the lips, moisturising ingredients to form a protective film that preserves the lips, and soothing agents. We recommend the Aptonia restoring lip balm stick.

Moisturising lip balms with sun protection

In addition to the basic ingredients, lip balms can also contain an SPF to prevent UV rays from damaging the lips. Ideal for sunny days in the summer and the winter, we recommend the Aptonia IP20 invisible lip balm stick.

The lip balm that tastes good!

Gourmet sportsmen and women can choose lip balms with different fragrances and tastes, including the cherry,  vanilla or wild berries flavoured lip balm sticks from Aptonia. They also provide SPF 20 protection.

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