How to choose your cream, massage oil and other care products


It is essential to take good care of your body before, during and after sport! Your body is your perfect ally when it comes to sport, so you must pay close attention to it and take the very best care of it, so that sport becomes nothing but pleasure!

Preparing for sport

Preparing properly means gradually warming up your muscles before an intensive effort and taking steps against irritations. For more details, read our article: How to choose products to prepare for sport

Sports recovery massages

Recovery massages are a great way to recover after intensive stress or effort. For an even better recovery massage, use products that are specific to sport. Check out our article: How to choose your products for sports recovery massages

Sport and hygiene

When exercising, your body temperature rises and you continue to perspire even after the end of the session. You should wait until your body temperature returns to its point of equilibrium before taking a shower (this takes about 15 minutes,during which you can do some stretching exercises). The shower is a moment to relax and recover by applying shower gels designed specifically to meet the needs of the skin of sportsmen and women. Read the guide in our article: How to choose your shower gel


When you exercise, you perspire, and the smell of sweat can be unpleasant. Initially, perspiration is odourless. But since sweat appears on parts of the body that are poorly ventilated and have folds, the maceration process on these parts of the body can produce unpleasant odours.

To prevent unpleasant smells, read our article: How to choose your deodorant

Hydrating your skin

Taking care of your body after sport also involves properly moisturising your skin. Read our articles How to choose your moisturising lotion and How to choose your lip stick.

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massage récupération sportive

What could be better than a good massage to recover after strenuous exercise? But you must remember to use the right oil or a relaxing gel for this recovery technique to produce the maximum effect. Discover our guide on how to choose the right products for your post-exercise massages.