How to choose your calf brace


What is a calf brace?

A calf brace is a piece of support equipment for the calf that provides compression to the muscles. This muscle support aims to provide uniform compression to the whole calf in order to limit the risk of injury. Strongly recommended during the recovery phase from your sport, the calf brace helps relieve trauma.

As well as its compression role, the calf brace should be comfortable during your sports activities.

Before making your choice, we recommend you also consult a doctor.

The preventive (or proprioceptive) calf brace

Playing a preventive role, the proprioceptive calf brace is a bandage with rip-tabs you place around your calf. This system means you can adjust it according to your requirements for support while also making sure it provides uniform compression. Ideal when resuming an activity, the preventive calf brace uses its compressive nature to alert your brain and stimulate it to be more aware of your muscles' spatial position. For comfort and confidence in your sporting activity, we recommend the Aptonia S200 calf brace.

How to choose the right size calf brace

The calf brace comes in one size and is adjustable: adjust its tightness to your calf in line with your requirement for support.


This information is provided for general information purposes only and in no case replaces a medical consultation. For increased safety, seek your doctor’s advice before use.

Philippe Bouviala
Product manager
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The joints and muscles are in heavy use on a daily basis, particularly during an athletic activity. It is important to take care of them, especially when recovering from a sport: this is the key to future performance!