How to choose your athletic recovery accessories and first aid kit


Too often we forget it, but rest is one of the keys to training and future performance. There are many different techniques for recovering well after exercise. You can use athletic recovery accessories to optimise each of these techniques. Follow the instructions!

Applying cold

Applying cold can promote athletic recovery after intense physical effort, since the feeling of cold can relieve pain. There are several ways to apply cold to your muscles and joints after exercising. The recovery accessories for providing cold should be chosen based on how you want to apply it:

  • Instant cold compress: perfect for combat sports and contact sports such as football, rugby, or handball. It is a one-time use item that does not require refrigeration. This type of recovery accessory should be applied with a towel over the area to be treated. We recommend the APTONIA instant cold compress.
  • Cold spray: this type of recovery accessory is a fast way to apply cold over the desired area, and it acts instantly. We recommend the APTONIA 250 mL cold spray.
  • Reusable compress: With a pocket and a strap to position it well, this compress is very practical. It is reusable and can be used to provide heat or cold. We recommend the APTONIA reusable hot/cold compress.

Applying warmth

The effect of heat can provide better athletic recovery. You should know that we consider a thermal agent to be hot when the temperature is between 34 and 58°C (upper limit set with regard to skin sensitivity). To provide heat, we recommend the APTONIA reusable hot/cold compress, which exists in both sizes M and L.

Compression for recovery after sport

Compression is a technique that allows muscles to be compressed in order to help with recovery after sport by optimising rest periods. Compression socks, such as the APTONIA SOFT300, provide a gradually decreasing compression from the ankle to the calf, and allow for excellent support that reduces muscle vibration. These compression socks are no longer reserved for elite athletes, but are also available to all those who need it for training, travel, the big day or during physiotherapy.

Sports recovery massages

Rest alone is not enough after an intense effort. A sports recovery massage can be a good way to recover after your workout to heal faster, decrease fatigue, or detect tensions and spasms to be reduced. You can use manual massage tools to optimise this athletic recovery technique. These accessories allow muscles to relax. We recommend the APTONIA massage tool for a relaxing effect after exercise! Don't forget your first aid kit! Whether large or small, we recommend always having a first aid kit on hand. The perfect partner for your workouts or family outings, it is essential for all emergencies! Check out the APTONIA family first aid kit and the AP

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