Futsal session at lunchtime! Our nutrition advice


More and more of you take advantage of their lunch break to play Futsal. This sport is attracting more players every year. It is worth noting that Futsal is an energy-demanding activity, due to its speed and the rapid pace of matches.

What are the best nutritional choices to ensure a productive day? Discover our three key pieces of advice.

1 - Productivity from morning on


A productive day starts with a complete breakfast. After a good night's sleep, our body has been fasting for at least 8 hours. It is essential to provide enough energy to replenish the energy reserves that are at their lowest.

A balanced breakfast includes:

  • A cereal product: bread, cereals, crispbread...
  • A hot drink
  • A fruit
  • A dairy product.

Mid-morning snack

You have planned a futsal session at lunchtime! It is essential to take a snack 1h before it starts to ensure that your energy reserves are full. These reserves are indeed used in the course of the morning, which may result in lack of efficiency on the court.

A cereal bar and a piece of fruit or even an ultra bar will provide you with the energy intake you need.

2 - A recovery lunch

Usually, you don't have much time after a match, and you may be tempted to skip lunch, or eat it too quickly. A light meal on-the-go results in poor recovery and is inevitably harmful to your body. You will feel intense fatigue in the course of the afternoon, and you may even feel irritable.

Your lunch should be complete to promote muscle recovery and to compensate for used energy reserves.

Example of complete meal that can be eaten quickly:

  • Pasta salad (pasta, chicken breast, sweetcorn, tomato, cucumber...)
  • A yoghurt
  • A banana

3 - Stay hydrated

Hydration is key. It is a priority if you plan to exercise at lunchtime. You should not wait the feeling of thirst to drink, you must drink regularly throughout the morning to prepare your body for exercise, and then throughout the afternoon to ensure recovery. Do not hesitate to bring a water bottle with you on the court. Futsal is an indoor sport that will push you hard and you will sweat a lot. This water loss must be compensated for if your want to be efficient throughout the match.

Marie Fauchille
Dietician | Nutritionist
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    Eating well during your training and competition periods contributes to your sporting success. Diet needs to be just as much a part of the pattern of your sporting life as training and sleep. We bring you 10 pieces of advice to start from a solid foundation.


    The recovery stage is crucial for progress and physical performance. Indeed, if your recovery is poor, the body cannot regenerate.