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Find all of the advice you need on football nutrition and hydration.

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More and more of you take advantage of their lunch break to play Futsal. This sport is attracting more players every year. It is worth noting that Futsal is an energy-demanding activity, due to its speed and the rapid pace of matches.
What are the best nutritional choices to ensure a productive day? Discover our three key pieces of advice.


Football is a sport that requires a lot of energy all year round and your diet plays a crucial role in achieving good athletic performance. The quality of trainings and competitions not only depends on the time invested practising but also on the types of foods chosen.


Winter is coming! The thermometer may be showing temperatures that can be discouraging, but should you stop your favourite activity because of the cold? No, your body can adapt to the cold.
Football players don't need extra fat in the winter so long as they wear the right clothing, eat enough and stay active.
10 best practices for having a kick around even in cold weather:


No matter your level, whether a "Sunday player" or a professional footballer, your pre-match preparation has a direct impact on your performance. With the right food, you put all luck on your side for being in your peak shape.