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Holidays are over!Summer is often the perfect time to go about your daily routine at a different pace, to be worry-free and leave stress behind to enjoy every moment. It is also a time when we eat more than usual as we are more inclined to get together and have a drink and a bite before dinner while enjoying the sun!

Sooner or later comes the moment when you quickly need to get back on track and find the right rhythm at the end of Summer in order to be ready and full of energy to face Autumn and Winter.

Our bodies need energy to function and move. They have their own energy reserve, but it is limited. The diet has a significant role in covering for the needs. The foods consumed provide energy through their nutrients.

Hydration is critical when doing sports indoors. Exercise increases the water losses due to body heated when in movement. Staying properly hydrated during your workouts is essential to reduce athletes' worst enemy, dehydration.


The sun begins to show, the trees get their lovely green back - this is it, spring is finally back. Our mind starts to picture the holiday, sandy beaches, etc. It is the right time to lose this little plumpness gained through winter. And what about opting for a long-term efficient diet?


A healthy lifestyle combining a balanced diet with physical activity is the best way to stay healthy.
In order to exercise regularly while maintaining performance, you should not overlook the recovery phase. Its purpose is to rehydrate, recharge the energy stores and let the muscles recover, as well as eliminate fatigue toxins accumulated during workout.


Whether it is health, well-being, weight loss or just the quest for performance, everyone can find something to enjoy at the gym. Exercise is beneficial to the body, both physically and psychologically, and even more when it is combined with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
These are the five rules to stay fit all year.


To be at the top of your form this summer, start taking care of yourself now. Here is how nutrition can help restore your dynamism and vitality, so that you can fully enjoy a summer that will hopefully be sunny...

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Recovery is a phase that is often neglected after a fitness session; however, it is particularly important if you want to improve in your activity and practise regularly.
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Good nutrition: your best ally for performing at the gym? A question I will try to answer... A balanced diet is a positive influence on your fitness and your health; it's a fact. Do you still need to know what foods to eat?

Spring is here, and dreams of the beach are coming!!! It is time to get rid of those little curves, to leave room for a beautiful flat stomach. How about opting for a new way of life? Here are some solutions for getting and keeping a flat stomach.

More and more of us are hitting the gym during our lunch break and after work. The goals vary: keeping fit, losing weight, gaining muscle mass... But all these goals have one point in common: staying healthy. Let us bear in mind that this common goal includes an essential component that should not be neglected - food. Do not overlook this point.