THE EFFECTS OF SPORT ON YOUR BODY… and the importance of a good recovery!

Do you recover properly after sport?

How many of you could say "Yes!" to this question? Did you know that even if you aren't experiencing pain, sport has various effects on your body? Find out what they are in this video!

For a good recovery, we recommend:

- Applying a cold compress to reduce inflammation

- Using manual massage or self-massaging accessories

- Using compression to accelerate venous return


To help you to better understand the importance of the recovery after exercise, take a look at these two diagrams:



Recovery is part of the phenomenon of supercompensation. Adequate recovery will help you get stronger and perform better as you train.


When you do a series of workouts without a recovery period, or when the recovery period is incomplete, you start overtraining and are at a greater risk of injury. The body is tired and the athlete won't make any more progress. They may even see their performance drop.

Recovering is therefore essential if you want to make progress, and avoid overtraining and injury. It's important in the short term for your next training session; in the medium term so you can get into shape for your next competition and reach your goals; and in the long term so you can continue enjoying your sport for the next 10 or 20 years.

Convinced? Then adopt the recovery reflex!



I'm passionate about sports - I've done gymnastics, volleyball and fitness before finding my way to triathlon! I love challenges and since last year, I've been doing sprint distances before taking on an Olympic distance race!

I've been leading the recovery project for the past two years to help sports users train while having fun, improving and keeping their passion going injury-free for years to come.


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