Diet and weight training


 Those doing weight training are faced with two very different objectives: weight gain and weight cutting or getting lean. Whichever objective is pursued, it requires athlete to rigorously watch their weight. The diet is at the heart of this effort. 

Weight training and muscle mass gain

To pursue this objective, the diet must supply the body with everything it needs to build-up muscle. Daily energy values are therefore greater than that of routine intake. As a matter of fact, during period requiring a particularly intensive level of training, the energy levels must be adapted to meet these levels of exertion. Protein intake must be increased to meet muscle build-up requirements. Lipid intake is controlled to reduce fat body mass.
To finish off, carbohydrates are incorporated in significant quantities, to make energy quickly available.
To avoid disrupting the daily diet, weight gain can be achieved by using powder combining protein and Mass gainer type carbohydrates. The Mass Gainer will complement diet in order to supplement daily intake.

Weight training and weight cutting

There is a common goal during cutting phase, getting lean or weight loss periods, which is to lose fat body mass without losing muscle mass. For this to happen, the role of nutrients intake provided by diet is very important.
The aims are:
  • Slightly reduce daily calorie intake over several weeks for progressive weight loss. It should be 1 to 2 kg per month to be sure not to regain weight afterwards.
  • The protein intake must be approximately 1.5 to 1.7g / kg / day to sustain muscle mass
  • Do not remove fat content from diet, limit saturated fat content (animal) to a maximum to give priority to unsaturated fat content (vegetable)
  • The carbohydrates must be included in each meal. Give priority to complex carbohydrates (slow-release carbs)
  • Hydration has a key role during weight cutting.
Marie Fauchille
Diététicienne | Nutritionniste
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