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As long ride enthusiasts, your supplies must be as well prepared as your bike to prevent an accumulation of excess fatigue.
It is hard to define what a long ride is - indeed, experienced cyclists will refer to long rides when it is at least 4hrs long, while a less experienced cyclist will consider a 2hr ride is a long one. However, the food strategy to reduce fatigue and challenge one's limits cannot be improvised, whatever the duration of the ride.


Our bodies need constant energy to function. However, they do not have unlimited energy reserves. In order to cover the needs, the body draws from both its reserves and the food we eat throughout the day.


Healthy eating and physical exercise are the golden rules to ensure good health and a steady weight.
Nutrition should be part of your lifestyle, it is your best ally for keeping in shape all day long.
Here are five nutrition tips to follow so you can keep going from morning to evening whilst exercising during the day.


Anaïs, a road cycling specialist, explains: "A cycle race can be broken down into several stages. The start is fast, with regular attacks during the first 20 minutes. The next stage involves cycling at a regular pace. The final stage is characterised either by fresh attacks or a final sprint for victory. These races are stressful since there is a lot of contact between cyclists and you have to fight to 'keep' your place. The races last about 2 hours and suit me well since I'm a 'rouleur' and like the feeling of power when I cycle".
Questions/answers with a road cycling specialist, Anaïs Valiavanos

Bien gerer sa randonnée cyclo

A cycle tour is broken down into stages of between 60km and 180km or more. This means you will be riding for several hours. Whatever the performance objective, hydration and nutrition will have an important role to play in getting you to the finish line at each stage.