Arnica and sports


Homoeopathy is a therapeutic method based on the simple principle of the law of similars. Well-known since Antiquity, this treatment must be adapted to the athlete's individual response and be included in a global vision of their activity.

Getting familiar with the principles of homoeopathy

Hippocrates noticed that there often was a correlation between the toxicity of a substance and its therapeutic properties.

Did you know? Homoeopathy is an ancient medicine! In 1790, a German doctor, Dr. Hahnemann, wanted to understand the real effects of the drugs used in his time. He therefore experimented the use of substances on himself and his relatives, to assess their efficacy and toxicity.

Based on his observations, he recommended to provide smaller and smaller doses, to reduce the toxic effects of the substances used. He then published his works, which can be considered as the bible of homoeopathy.

Good to know: the principle of similars

Any substance able to cause symptoms in a healthy individual at a dose by weight, can, at an infinitesimal dose, cure those same symptoms in a sick individual. Infinitesimal dilutions are the consequence of this principle of similars. It is necessary to be aware of the specific approach of homoeopathy. Such awareness does not exempt from getting accurate diagnosis and from eliminating other differential diagnoses.

Based on the definition of the disease-specific symptoms, we will elaborate a list a symptoms specific to the patient. This clinical analysis aims at identifying the various reactions of all the body functions, allowing a Hahnemann approach, named after the founder of homoeopathy.


The various formulations proposed are based on the Hahnemannian decimal (Dh) or Hahnemannian centesimal (Ch) principle. Therefore, a Ch is a portion of active substance in 99 portions of solvent…

Homoeopathy is prescribed at very low or infinitesimal doses.

DH refers to "Hahnemannian decimals" and CH refers to "Hahnemannian centesimals".

If we say that a product is diluted at 5 Dh, it means that the basic product has been diluted 5 times to 1/10th and subjected to agitation between each dilution. If a product is expressed in 5 CH, it means it was diluted 5 times to 1/100th and agitated in between each.

Using homoeopathy in sports medicine and traumatology

Homoeopathy is not a gimmick, it is part of the medicine prescribed by competent doctors who are familiar with this use.

It is certainly one of the treatments of choice for the various traumas or micro-traumas of athletes, in association with the management of the sporting gesture.


Arnica has high affinity for blood capillaries and muscle fibres.

It is therefore indicated for all haemorrhagic events, whatever their form, falling within the scope of a direct shock, strained muscle, pulled muscle, sprain, or even of simple muscle fatigue.

Before using arnica, a diagnosis should be established in order to set up an appropriate global treatment..

Use of arnica in sports medicine

Example of post-trauma use: 9CH, 5 granules every 10 minutes for the first hour following the sprain, then 5 granules 6 times a day for three days, then 5 granules three times a day until full recovery confirmed by a doctor (seek your doctor's or pharmacist's advice)

To prevent or combat muscle cramps:

A cramp is an involuntary, sudden, intense and painful contraction of a muscle. It is a clap of thunder in a calm sky, causing extreme pain.

Warmth, massages and use of arnica combined with stretching can reduce the onset of cramps, but it is also necessary to correct bad eating habits

Warning We warn against any fashion trend that could suggest that homoeopathy can heal and cure everything, without resorting to standard treatments.  Homoeopathy is not a gimmick. It is a part of the medicine prescribed by competent doctors who are familiar with this use.

The doctor, central to the prescription Interview, diagnosis, physical and paraclinical examination are critical before any use of an homoeopathic treatment.

The athlete should, whatever the treatment received, ensure that it is authorised by the doping prevention legislation and does not fall within the scope of drug or prohibited substances use.


Arnica can be prescribed in various dilutions, following standard administration techniques, avoiding direct with the skin, in between meals.

The response and action times are strictly individual.

If no effective improvement is achieved, or if the condition worsens, a new medical assessment will be necessary. Reminder: Self-medicating is dangerous for your health.

Remember that the best treatment is to avoid injuries thanks to appropriate sports practice, combined with proper training, an adequate nutritional diet, and proper recovery.

As with all homoeopathic treatments, accidental poisoning cannot occur if the whole tube of granules is swallowed. However, should this happen, see your doctor or call your nearest poison control centre

Studies have shown that sublingual administration guarantees the best distribution of the treatment in the body - count the number of granules in the cap, then let them melt under the tongue.


Docteur Patrick Bacquaert

Médecin chef de l'IRBMS

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    Sport is good for your health, and the objective is to avoid injuries and microtraumas and to recover as quickly as possible to enjoy the benefits of sport and maintain one's fitness and wellness
    Post-workout muscle soreness can be avoided or lessened so that it becomes tolerable and is not an obstacle either to everyday life or to going back to the stadium as soon as possible