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Cold attacks the body, resulting in skin damages, and also lowers the body temperature, causing hypothermia that the body needs to combat in order to maintain its temperature close to 37°C.


The leading cause of sport discontinuation, muscle traumas are common and vary in severity, from light pain requiring short sport discontinuation to acute, sudden muscle strain that may lead to several weeks of sport discontinuation


Our bodies need energy to function and move. They have their own energy reserve, but it is limited. The diet has a significant role in covering for the needs. The foods consumed provide energy through their nutrients.


Summer is coming, and with it a renewed need for body care!!! It's time to take charge of your diet and physical activity to achieve a nice body shape. Below are the four rules of thumb to keep fit during summer.


Hydration tablets are designed to prepare a sports drink that contains no calorie but provides the body with all necessary electrolytes to compensate for the minerals lost due to perspiration.


Perspiration is a normal phenomenon enabling the body to maintain our body temperature at 37 °. We perspire, on average, half to one litre of water per day when not participating in sports


It is not uncommon when cycling to be involved in a group collision or fall off your bike yourself. The consequences of a "fall" when you land on shoulders or the thorax, often results in a collar bone fracture.


Collar bone sprain is a frequent traumatic injury of the shoulder following a forwards or side shock to the shoulder.
The sprain causes a sharp pain with visible swelling over the collar bone
Depending on the intensity of the shock and the severity of the sprain, lesion stages are defined


The knee has two menisci: the inner meniscus and the outer meniscus.
Menisci are a fibrocartilaginous structure that have several functions in the knee:
• a cushioning role and load spreading role
• a stabilising role
• a lubricating role, managing the absorption and secretion of synovial fluid (articular fluid) in the knee.
• A protective role against arthritis


A warming gel meets all the muscle warm-up needs before exercising and should be used in addition to standard warm-up methods such as stretching and cardiorespiratory conditioning.


Athlete's feet are the most sensitive body part since most efforts are provided by the feet/shoes interface.
When walking, running or jumping, propulsion is provided by the foot and ankle, resulting in stresses that may impact the whole body dut to the vibration shock wave.
Long-term running causes changes in certain foot variables, such as a flattening of the foot arch. Such changes are probably due to fatigued foot stabiliser muscles, hence the idea to use corrective and cushioning insoles during sports, even for feet considered as normal in static or rest conditions