5 foods to stay calm

Stress and fatigue are now part of our everyday lives. To fight this epidemic, it is essential to improve our health and get back our vitality, joy and fitness weight.

Our diet plays a major role in our body health. It has a very significant influence on our physical health, but not only - it also plays a crucial role in our mental wellness.

Nutrients essential to mental wellness

Magnesium: Natural stress reliever

Stress uses up a lot of magnesium. When magnesium levels decrease, sensitivity to stress increases. This true vicious cycle may justify punctual use of supplements, even more so when you do sports on a regular basis as part of magnesium loss is through sweat.

Vitamin C: True antioxidant

Stress uses up energy, leading to an increase of free radicals. Therefore, it is necessary to increase our antioxidant intake to compensate for oxidative stress.

Vitamins B

A deficiency in vitamins B results in fatigue, lowered concentration and memory abilities, reduced motivation, irritability, altered mood, insomnia and anxiety. It therefore seems important to ensure adequate intake of group B vitamins.

This way, by just improving your diet, you can easily build better resistance to fatigue ans stress

5 foods to stay calm

Royal jelly and honey

Beehive products are good sources of:

- Vitamins B, ideal to fight fatigue

- Vitamins C and flavonoids, excellent antioxidants

- Magnesium, an anti-stress mineral.

Beehive products are perfect to fight fatigue and stress. Opt for a herbal tea and sweeten it a teaspoon of honey.


Cocoa, the ultimate magical ingredient. It is rich in flavonoids, molecules with antioxidant properties. Cocoa also contains a significant amount of magnesium, an anti-stress mineral. Last but not least, it is rich in precursors of wellness-inducing substances such as serotonin. Cocoa is the ideal relaxing food in times of stress.

Opt for cocoa powder or dark chocolate to limit the fat intake.

Oat flakes

Oat is an especially nutritious cereal, high in minerals, proteins and fibres. Its high carbohydrate content makes it an anti-fatigue food. Opt for breakfasts including oats, it will reduce mid-morning cravings.

Cod liver

No food contains more vitamin D than cod liver oil. Most of us lack this very precious vitamin, particularly in winter since our main source of vitamin D is the sun. Cod liver oil therefore plays an anti-depressant role... Opt for cod liver oil supplementation during winter.


White, green or black, it's exactly the same plant, but the process differs. White tea is most "natural" one, i.e. the closest to the fresh leaves. Green tea is slightly heated and slightly fermented. Black tea is heated and highly fermented. At each stage, tea loses some of its antioxidant properties, but always keeps its detox and anti-fatigue qualities. Opt for the tea you like.

Foods to avoid to stay calm

Bad fats

Excessive animal fat provides a high amount of saturated fatty acids (bad cholesterol) that are not only inadvisable for nutritional balance and health, but also lead to serious fatigue.

Prefer vegetable fats that provide good fatty acids (omega 3 ans 6).


Too much caffeine may result in feelings of stress and symptoms such as cardiac rhythm disorders, nervousness, anxiety and sleep disturbances. Reduce your coffee intake or replace it with tea with antioxidant properties.


Alcohol can be considered as a drug, since its main component, ethanol, has the effect of slowing down the nervous system activity. Hence, alcohol may have a "depressant" effect when consumed, and also leads to negative effects such as sleep disorders that can promote stress and anxiety.

Marie Fauchille
Dietician | Nutritionist
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Good nutrition: your best ally for performing at the gym? A question I will try to answer... A balanced diet is a positive influence on your fitness and your health; it's a fact. Do you still need to know what foods to eat?