Triathletes do not go unnoticed... but do you know how to recognise one? Here are 10 signs to help you ;)


1. Triathletes are not content to do just one sport, no… They do triathlons.    

2. Beyond their performance, triathletes have another mission: to remain tanned all year round, show off their many tattoos and have perfectly waxed legs.  

3. Triathletes invest everything they have on sports equipment. In fact, their bicycle looks more like a UFO!   

4. Being a triathlete is about observing a certain dress code, whatever the weather: cap, pair of sunglasses and sports watch on the wrist.    

5. Triathletes have only one goal : to get to the top of the sports hierarchy.    

6. Triathletes hold their physical aspect in high regard, the tighter the better!   

7. Triathletes are proud and modest: night and day, at home or work, they wear T-shirts they won during races, featuring the word “FINISHER” as visibly as possible!   

8. Triathletes are proud of their sport, so why shouldn't they proudly wear their trisuit as they train (in all three sports)?    

9. Triathletes give prominent status to their bike which doesn't sleep in their garage, but in their living room!   

10. In sum, triathletes are the only athletes who can be identified… Even when they're not doing any sport.    

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Top 10 co-written by Alexandre and Victoria :)


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I've been a fan of triathlon for 5 years, doing long distance, L and XL triathlons. I'm a member of the AMSLF Triathlon Club in Fréjus. A few of my moments of glory: Ironman 70.3 Aix en Provence, Polar international triathlon in Cannes, Embrunman… As a seasoned cyclist and less-than-mediocre swimmer, what I love about triathlon is pushing myself to my limits and beyond!